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May 30, 2020,


The World Economic Forum, in its 2018 report titled ‘Future of Jobs’ has predicted nine jobs which will be trending by the year 2022. The report takes into consideration the phenomenon called the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is catalysed by the penetration of technology in day to day life. While some of them including Data Analysts and Scientists are stable job profiles, many of these job titles are new roles.

Here are the 9 emerging roles of 2022:

AI and Machine learning specialists

Job profile: Developing algorithms that can learn from or adapt to the data and make predictions.

Job skills: Programming Languages like Python/C++/R/Java, Probability and Statistics, Data Modeling & Evaluation, Machine Learning Algorithms, Distributed Computing, Advanced Signal Processing Techniques

Data Analysts and Scientists

Job Profile: Data analysts help businesses develop well-informed strategies by creating charts and prepare visual presentations. Also, examining large data and identifying trends are the expected roles of a data analyst. Data scientists construct and develop new processes for data modelling and primarily use prototypes, algorithms, predictive models and custom analysis.

Job skills: Python coding, Hadoop Platform, R programming, SQL Database/Coding, Apache spark, Machine learning and AI, Data Visualisation

Big Data Specialists

Job Profile: Utilise data analysis to evaluate the technical performance of an organisation. Also provides recommendations on system enhancements.

Job skills: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL, Machine learning and Data Mining, Statistical and Quantitative Analysis, SQL, Data Visualization, General Purpose Programming language

Software and Applications Developers and Analysts

Cater to the needs of the Job Profile:users by analysing, designing, testing and developing software. Also, recommend software updates to the existJob skills:ing clients.

Android programming, C++, SQL, Java and Javascript, User interface/user experience, writing and maintaining software, knowledge of XML and web services

Digital Transformation Specialists

Job Profile: Work in enhancing a company’s technical performance. They analyse the company’s infrastructure and the gaps in service.

Job skills: Technical aptitude, critical thinking abilities, excellent communication skills, adaptability, SQL, C++, HTML, CSS

Information Technology and New Technology Specialists

Job Profile: Their work is generally to design, operate or maintain technology products. They can also work with businesses, agencies and organisations that require technology to maintain data.

Job skills: Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft

General and Operations Manager

Job Profile: To formulate policies, manage the daily operations of a company, planning the effective use of human capital resources and materials

Job skills: Technical and Functional Expertise, Understanding the Business, Achieving Results, Serving the Customer, Teamwork, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

Sales and Marketing Professionals

Job Profile: Sell products to potential customers and conduct market research. Also undertakes planning and creating ideas that will work in the present market environment.

Job skills: Strong communication skills, technology enthusiast, in-depth market knowledge, persuasion

Organisational Specialists

Job Profile: Create and develop programs that connect employees with the business goals. Also, connect with leadership and management to recognize business processes. They also work in the evaluation of business initiatives to meet company goals.

Job skills: Use diagnostic tools, ability to work outside of the politics of the organization, ability to engage and influence people

Considering the emerging demands of the workplaces, reskilling and upskilling will be the buzz words in the employment world with a focus on making employees technology able.

Post Covid - 19

The global recession, induced by COVID-19, will fundamentally change the way humanity works, and socialises, for years to come. The COVID-19 crisis will be a catalyst to unprecedented changes in every industry. Every industry will be forced to reform and restructure in order to transform into the new realities that will emerge.

Employment Sectors post Covid-19

While every industry must and will find ways to transform, the following industries and sectors are well-poised to leverage opportunities, faster than the others, to create larger employment opportunities.

Digital Payments

Increased use of smartphones and higher internet penetration will propel this market to growth percentage in strong double-digits. Governments across the globe will continue to take initiatives to promote digital payments. Every merchant will move towards digital payment adoption, growing the POS (Point of Sale) and mobile payment technology platforms.


The future of e-commerce will be exciting: a lot of new categories will join the basket of ecommerce, making every product, or service available online. The growth will be higher in emerging economies with the rise of internet penetration and data speeds.

Cloud Computing

Cloud will become the bedrock for every organization in the future. The post COVID-19-phase will witness exponential growth in cloud computing as it is affordable, easy to use and highly customized to requirements of scalability. Every industry is likely to move a larger workload of their enterprise applications to cloud.


Robotics will move at a very fast pace, and industries will benefit from its application in fields which are currently considered non-practical. Progressive industries and organizations will test and validate the implementation of robotics for public and personal uses. This will result in the expansion at a large-scale level – from security with the usage of drones, to manufacturing plants for precision activities, and in medical science for risk aversion.

Cyber Security

This will be at the centre of the new era as every industry will adopt digital transformation. The development of safe, and secure payment gateways, and security walls will drive this market growth. It will involve the use of block chain, application program interface (API), and other advancements to arrest the occurrence of cybercrimes and financial fraud.

Content Development

All major networks and studios will launch their ‘direct-to-consumer’ streaming services, and content libraries, to attract customers who will grow hungry for consumption. Content will cover the entire scope of video, music and gaming, and, with 5G support, this industry will witness stratospheric growth. Subscription services will become more promising with the possibilities of having customized and targeted advertising options, and ad-free content.


Healthcare comprising of hospitals, medical equipment, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical tourism and telemedicine is poised for tremendous growth. Digital health will impact the entire value chain – from testing, medicines, and health cards, to telemedicine.

Online Education

Education will dramatically be affected post COVID-19 as it will embrace the digital world in the fastest, and largest scale. Educational Institutions will come of age, and traditional teaching standards will become a thing of the past. The impact will be seen from pre-school to higher education, offering flexibility of learning to students, and flexibility of teaching to teachers. The cost of education will become cheaper and accessible to a larger section of the society.


This industry will become relevant and important as the society will become more conscious about health, natural calamities, epidemics, and need for social security. Individuals will realize the societal value, and importance, of insurance against unexpected events for heath, bankruptcy, retirement, and overall protection for their homes and families.


Most Industries and companies are built around delivery models, and post COIVD-19 uncertainties will bring a larger demand for this industry as the dimensions of distribution will expand. Increased efforts to promote self-sufficiency will lead to expansion between regions and territories. Hyper-Local expansion with a stronger emergence of e-commerce players across multiple categories will play a pivotal role. The future of logistics will be paved with high technology adoption and transportation additions would reduce cost, time and waste.

The above industries will embrace agility, digital, and a work-from-home culture, which would pro-actively make our lives easier, and businesses more profitable. These industries and sectors will continuously hire talent and become one of the largest sources of employment generation.

8 Job Skills to Succeed in a Post-Coronavirus World

Adaptability and Flexibility

One thing is for certain, the ways companies operate and work are going to change. Someone that is going to succeed in a post-coronavirus-world will need to be able to adapt to ever-evolving workplaces and have the ability to continuously update and refresh their skills.

Tech Savviness

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a post-coronavirus-world is to acquire technology skills. The COVID-19 pandemic is fast-tracking digital transformations in companies as they are trying to become more resilient to future outbreaks and disruptions. The reality is that technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, and robotics will make businesses more resilient to future pandemics, and anyone that can help companies exploit these technologies will be in a great position.

Data Literacy

As the fuel of the 4th Industrial Revolution, data is a critical asset for every company. With the right data, companies are able to better predict the impact of future business disruptions and are better able to serve customers with the right products and services during or after any pandemic. However, the data is useless to a company unless there is data literacy—people equipped with skills to understand the data and make better decisions because of it. Professionals with data literacy will be even more appealing to prospective employers than ever before.

Digital and Coding Skills

The digital transformation of organizations got a boost because of coronavirus; therefore, professionals with digital skills, including coding, web development, and digital marketing, will become even more important than they are now. People who can keep the digital business running—and thriving—during economic downturns or pandemics that make in-person business impossible or less efficient are going to be on the must-hire list.

Critical Thinking

Another skill that will be essential as our global economy rebuilds from the damage done by COVID-19 is critical thinking. During the pandemic, we have seen a spike in fake news and misrepresentations of data and studies, as leaders, businesses, and governments are trying to shift blame and divert attention and proper scrutiny. People who can objectively evaluate information from diverse sources to determine what is credible will be valued. Not all information should be trusted, but organizations will need to rely on critical thinking to understand what information should inform decision-making.

Creativity & Innovation

In a post-coronavirus world, we will need human ingenuity to invent, dream up new products and ways of working. Businesses that have been able to come up with ways to deliver services virtually (like many healthcare providers have done) or quickly shift to new products (like Mercedes F1 that have shifted from making racing cars to innovative breathing aids) have been able to better weather the storm. Human creativity is going to be essential.


One of the changes in a world that is heavily augmented by the support of machines and where social distancing and home working might continue for the foreseeable future, is that more people at all levels of an organization will be in a position where they lead others. Professionals with strong skills in leadership, including how to bring out the best and inspire teams as well as encourage collaboration, will be in demand.

Emotional Intelligence

Closely linked to leadership is another skill that is even more important in uncertain and challenging times: Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The ability to be aware of, express, and control our emotions and be aware of others' emotions is what emotional intelligence is all about. At times when people might feel uncertain about their job and the future of their business, it is key to connect with people on an emotional level. Individuals with strong EQ will be coveted by organizations of all sizes and in all industries.

Commit to a Lifetime of Learning

According to the World Economic Forum, in just five years, 35 percent of the skills deemed essential today will change. There’s only one way to remain relevant in a post-coronavirus reality: commit to a lifetime of learning.

When faced with a tight job market, professionals with advanced and expert job skills will still be in demand and will likely struggle less to find employment. The good news is that improving your skills has never been easier. Today, it doesn’t require years of study or hefty loans to build up your skillset to be prepared for a post-coronavirus world. There are endless free and open online courses (MOOCs) available that will help you improve your skills.

Here are just a few examples:

·        Artificial intelligence and machine learning courses

·        Data literacy and data science courses

·        Emotional Intelligence courses

See lockdown as an opportunity to improve your skills so that you are ready for the post-coronavirus job market.

Note: This list is not exhaustive, and is prepared by studying recent trends and opinion of the writer. Reader discretion is advised.

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